What is going to happen soon? – The Last Days are here, Part 1

It appears, if current reports are accurate, that the rumors of war may be approaching a definite confrontation in the near future. We hope not, but even if it can be delayed for a while, war will come, having been prophesied in the Bible (see Matthew 24:6-7). Although not fully exposed by the government controlled …

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Angels from Heaven or Aliens from Outer Space?

In a prior article, I wrote about a time when someone asked me, “Do you believe in aliens?” I answered, “Yes, I believe that.” Then he asked another question, “Do you think they are here now?” Once again, I answered, “Yes.” He was, of course, not talking about legal or illegal migrants from other countries …

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God, Aliens, & UFOs

Someone asked me, the other day, if I believed that aliens were here. They weren’t talking about legal or illegal people from a foreign country living in the United States, but of intelligent beings, other than human, from outside the earth’s boundaries. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked this question and it is …

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