The Reason Jesus Turned Water Into Wine

The first miracle performed by Jesus was at a wedding in Cana, a village in Galilee, as opposed to another Cana in Coelo-Syria.1 Many academics believe this was a vibrant Jewish community in the lower Galilean region which included an extensive underground cave system. This was discovered by a recent archaeological dig just 8.5 miles …

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Jesus Knew Where to Find the Lost Tribes of Israel

Most Christians have heard of the Lost Tribes of Israel, but many have no idea of why they were lost or where any possible descendants may live today. It was not really any secret during New Testament days, for Jesus knew where they were and indicated that fact, but one must examine the Bible closely …

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Coming: An Awakening to a New Reality

Many of my articles address the fact that evil currently rules our world. Evil people with evil thoughts are using evil ways to convert God’s property into an evil planet for evil purposes. This injustice has been around since long before the event in the Garden of Eden that caused humankind’s path to drift away …

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