God’s Last Plagues before the End of the Age: Revelation 16

John the Evangelist (6 AD – 100 AD), one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, received a vision while exiled on the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea. That vision resulted in the only apocalyptic book in the New Testament canon — The Revelation to John (or Book of Revelation). This last book of …

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What is going to happen soon? – The Last Days are here, Part 1

It appears, if current reports are accurate, that the rumors of war may be approaching a definite confrontation in the near future. We hope not, but even if it can be delayed for a while, war will come, having been prophesied in the Bible (see Matthew 24:6-7). Although not fully exposed by the government controlled …

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Do you regret getting that Covid vaccination? – The Last Days are here, Part 2

Nearly a year and a half ago, I wrote about how fast things in the world are changing and that each day seems to be worse than the previous one. “Where is this world headed?” I rhetorically asked. The quarantine and social distancing, brought about by the current viral pandemic, had become not a protection, …

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