A Hard Day at Work

God is talking to one of his angels. He says, “Do you know what I have just done? I have just created 24 hours of alternating light and darkness on Earth. Isn’t that good?”

The angel says, “Yes, but what will you do now?”

God says, “I think I’ll call it a day.”

Smart Aleck

As a child, I was punished when giving a wrong answer in Church School.

The Priest asked, “What does a Bishop do?”

Apparently, “move diagonally” wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

Palm Sunday

It was Palm Sunday but because of a sore throat, 5-year-old Annie stayed home from church with her mother. When the rest of the family returned home, they were carrying palm fronds. Annie asked them what they were for.

“People held them over Jesus’ head as he rode by on a colt,” her father explained.

“Wouldn’t you know it,” Annie fussed, “the one Sunday I’m sick and Jesus shows up and offers pony rides!”

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