What are the ‘Powers of Darkness’ that Paul the Apostle talked about?

According to the Holy Bible, it has been approximately six thousand years from the beginning of humanity (the creation of Homo sapiens sapiens1) to the end of this particular time period in which we now live – this age of Grace. God has spent that entire time educating humankind with the proper knowledge necessary to …

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Why is Evil Increasing?

It is impossible, in our world today, not to observe that evil is increasing. We see violence, resistance, and disagreement everywhere — on television, in newspapers, in towns and neighborhoods, and even within families. Evil is everywhere on planet earth; we see evil people and situations all around us and most have actually experienced it …

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God, Aliens, & UFOs

Someone asked me, the other day, if I believed that aliens were here. They weren’t talking about legal or illegal people from a foreign country living in the United States, but of intelligent beings, other than human, from outside the earth’s boundaries. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked this question and it is …

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