Paul’s Trip to Philippi — the Story of Lydia, the Demon, and Jail

The Book of Acts, according to tradition, was written by the apostle Luke from his personal experiences and those of people he knew. There are, however, academics that believe another source of authorship should be considered, but that is not our focus at this time. Our study will concern chapter 16 of Acts, which includes …

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Circumcision in the Bible: What was it really all about? – Why on the 8th day?

Ritual circumcision was already practiced by some heathen people before the time of Abraham. Even though the original significance is no longer remembered, the rite was known to be used by some cultures as a sanitary operation, a tribal mark, or a sacrificial portion of flesh to gods after human sacrifices began to decline. Another …

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When & How Do People Get Their Souls?

Most Christians believe in something called a human soul that survives death. The questions of when and how a person obtains that soul, whatever it is, have been discussed and debated throughout Christian history. It is no different today, especially for those who are trying to determine abortion law. Although atheists don’t believe in God, …

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