Angels—What are They?

To most people, an “angel” is a catchall word for all spirit beings living in God’s heavenly realm. In reality, there are several different kinds of beings besides angels, but since this article is basically an introduction to the subject of Judeo-Christian angelology, angels are what we will focus upon. What are angels, anyway—spirits of …

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Romance, Passionate Love, Sexual Pleasures—What Does the Bible Say?

The Church has changed a lot since the time Christ walked on earth, especially since the Bible came to be easily available to almost everyone. But there are a few things that haven’t changed much at all. Take the subject of sex, for example. We talk about sexual immorality as a problem and can look …

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There is Something Strange about Jesus’ Death! What Happened in Matthew 27:52-53?

Jesus died– the veil was torn– there was an earthquake– and immediate resurrection of saints! The remarkable events recorded in some verses of Matthew 27, which occurred at the very moment of Jesus’ death on the cross, have been passionately debated for years. Scholars are ‘all over the map,’ so to speak, about what is …

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