The Harlot Sisters – A Study of the X-Rated Story in Ezekiel 23

Chances are that most people have not read or heard about the story in Ezekiel, chapter 23. This is one of those “X-rated” chapters of the Bible, which may be occasionally referred to, but never read in church. It is a dire but foretelling story showing that God has a great deal of patience and …

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Demons, Jesus, and the Pigs

I’m often asked if I believe demons are real and if so, can they really live within people and take control away from them. I always answer, “Yes. Demons are real and the Bible gives evidence of people being controlled by them.” There are several instances in the Holy Bible relating to how Jesus cast …

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Can the Bible Teach Us to Be Organized?

A friend recently asked me how I’m able to get so much accomplished every day. I thought this an odd question, because I always feel that I’m not accomplishing enough. She said I was a workaholic, but I guess, it’s all relative, so to speak—a ‘little’ to some people can be a ‘lot’ to others. …

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