Secrets Will Be Revealed: A Bible Study

Evil is very evident in everyday life, and even more so to the Christian, because God explains it in Holy Scripture. He tells us how it came about, what it does to society, the steps needed to help eliminate it from our lives, and how it will, one day, be forcibly eradicated from the entire world. But this is not a discourse about these points, because I have written about them many times and a short list of such articles is given in References & Notes,1 if you wish to pursue them.

For the record, in this study we are examining the concept of evil as the most morally despicable sorts of actions, characters, and events that induce suffering and pain.2 These are the inappropriate acts produced or influenced by Satan and his agents (human or spiritual) to disrupt and control people, society, and the whole planet.

Many Christians see this evil at work and understand that we are being deceived and manipulated by the devil in all that we do. They understand that evil is a concept from which God wants his children to voluntary separate themselves. Evil is bad and is the opposite of good, which is love.

Atheists don’t understand evil as we do; they may view evil as a wrong ethical choice, but overall, the atheists I met in college thought they were too smart to believe in God and his spiritual explanations about things. Later in life, some atheists and non-Christians I met in the workplace may not have been as highly educated, but still thought they were smarter than the average practicing Christian. (An interesting article about the beliefs of atheists, titled “A Letter from an Atheist about the 12 Commandments!” is listed in References & Notes.)3

In the United States, it is fairly easy to know which political party has the most Christians and which one does not (we only have two major parties). Ninety-five percent of our founding fathers were Christian,4 so our U.S. constitution is structured on biblical principles. I’m sure some other western countries have a similar constitutional structure. While Christians are mostly fair-minded and conservative individuals wishing less government control and more freedom and prosperity for its citizenry, non-Christians tend to want more government control over society at any cost.

I agree that not all people fit this pattern, but more than 50 percent of each political party does. The divide is slowly shrinking — there is an ongoing change in attitudes as people wake up and realize that when they give their complete trust to large groups of people, most times they will use that trust to gain power and money at the expense of others, even at the expense of peoples’ lives. Every day, more people are realizing that those who they have been listening to and believing are lying and cheating them of their humanity. They are waking up to reality, because secrets are beginning to be revealed.


Unveiling the Secrets

The greedy evil people in this world are usually secretive about their plans and actions. You will find them in government, in the banking industry, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and in all types of corporations, both large and small. You will find them in the church, as well. Not everyone in these enterprises is bad, of course, but enough of the agents of Satan are lurking there to throw suspicion upon them all.

These evildoers do their best to hide their true personality and intentions — that is until something happens that brings their actions into focus and our suspicions to the surface. A recent example is the coronavirus pandemic, with its numerous lockdowns and associated vaccines and mandates. This medical event is slowly presenting the true face of most organization types listed in the previous paragraph.

The purpose of this article is not to bring the facts to light about the flu virus debacle, for I’ve written about that problem also,5 as have many other authors. My intention here is to let you know about a great awakening which is fast approaching. Will you be part of it?

There was an awaking during the time of Christ. Our Lord called out the evil of hypocrisy within Judaism at that time. Hypocritical behavior fools many people but eventually it is uncovered and made known. Everything said and done in private will become public knowledge.6 In speaking about the hypocrisy of the Pharisees religious sect, Luke reports Jesus saying the following.

“Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees, that is, their hypocrisy. Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed from the housetops” (Luke 12:1b-3, NRSV).7

It is unreasonable for anyone to think they can get away with some evil thing just because they hide it from the public. God sees everything; nothing is concealed that will not be revealed and nothing is secret that will not be known. “We will be judged and held accountable. We are in control of our decisions and each one has a positive or negative consequence. Don’t be surprised or try to defend yourself when you have made a bad choice.”8

That may be a specific use for the idea of secrets made known, but like other parables and sayings of Jesus, there are other applications, too. Earlier in Luke, we find similar scripture. “For nothing is hidden that will not be disclosed, nor is anything secret that will not become known and come to light. Then pay attention to how you listen; for to those who have, more will be given; and from those who do not have, even what they seem to have will be taken away” (Luke 8:17-18).

As one commentator points out, these verses consist of what are called ‘floating sayings’ because they are found in other contexts (Matthew 10:26, 25:29; Luke 12:2). The sense of these sayings “is appropriate to the revealing quality of parables, in contrast to their concealing or secretive quality. Jesus came to reveal, to give light, and those who attend diligently to his words will experience increasing understanding. Others, with no more investment than spectators, will walk away empty and confused.”9

A deduction can be made and applied to the current lying, deceit, and coverups in modern government, corporate, and church circles. Christians (either now or soon) will be able to discern the evil amongst those who wish to manipulate the world into a place without Christian moral and ethical values. Those who want this planet under their complete control are currently in the process of accomplishing what they have set out to do — bring about a new world order.

Christians who are following the teachings of Jesus are waking up to the deception and are seeing the ‘light’. Those who are not true Christians (or who are atheists, or just unconcerned), are nothing but spectators and as the evil truths become apparent and rise to the surface, they will be confused and lack understanding.

Hopefully, the revealing of truth will convert many unbelievers. I think we will soon see what happens. And how the world responds to God’s revelation, in the end, will bring everything to light.10 Soon there will be no use of concealing anything, for all will know how they have been deceived. The day is coming when all hidden things will be disclosed, everything seen as it is, and everyone will get what they deserve (1 Corinthians 4:5).11

Abraham Lincoln is attributed with saying “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Although that is not exactly what he really said, the meaning is the same (see References & Notes for accuracy).12 This is what is going on in the world today. Every day the few who know the truth are spreading the word and more and more people are becoming wiser. There will be a point when the flood gate of truth will open showing the world the enormous amount of deception that has clouded our view of everything.


Good and Bad

We have all seen the concept of opposing spiritual beings (one with a halo, the other with horns) sitting on someone’s shoulders, trying to pull them one way or the other. This kind of cartoon is part of our culture. So, by extension, we have a tendency to use the same image projection when meeting individuals for the first time, because we want to simplify our world into good and bad people.13

Research has shown that ‘night owls’, those people who stay up late and have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, tend to score higher on a range of dark traits. Many of them “are often risk-takers – one of the characteristics of psychopathy; they are more manipulative – a Machiavellian trait14– and as narcissists, they tend to be exploitative of other people.” Perhaps such dark personalities have more chances to steal, manipulate, and have illicit sexual liaisons late at night, while others are sleeping.15

And, as narcissists, they are selfish and vain; they lash out to protect their own sense of self-worth. As Machiavellian, they are coolly manipulative; as psychopaths, they are callously insensitive and immune to the feelings of others. Combine these traits and you get “a triple whammy of nastiness,” as one author wrote.16

At least this is the conclusion of one study coming out of the University of British Columbia in Canada. And if true, it adds insight into understanding the earthly agents of Satan. These three dark traits (narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy), along with a fourth characteristic, love of money (greed), are four attributes of evil that can be attached to most of the evil in the world.

How many politicians, corporate professionals, even church leaders, have one or more of these traits? Maybe we should all start looking at these individuals with either an angel or devil sitting on their shoulder to help us remember who they really are. We should view them as to what the outcomes of their actions are, not what they say. When someone smiles and says things we want to hear, we tend to believe them. But these evil types know that and will lie and blame others for their bad results. They don’t really care about you or me; they are agents for the devil.

King Solomon draws on a host of pictures from everyday life to warn against believing the wrong people.17 Scripture quotes him saying, “A lying tongue hates its victims, and a flattering mouth works ruin” (Proverbs 26:25-28). Another author explains the scripture this way. “Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross [glaze]. A shining silvery finish disguises the worthlessness and drabness of the earthenware pottery underneath. So lips burning with pretended love often cover a heart full of hatred.”18

That author continues, “The chronic hater tries to hide his enmity with gracious words, at the same time storing up deceit within. Though he may speak graciously, you can’t trust him.”19 Avoid those people and commune with the Lord instead. “Fear God, and keep his commandments; for that is the whole duty of everyone. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil” (Ecclesiastes 12:13b-14).


On the Cusp of a Crisis

As we near the end of this age, the new world won’t arrive as an abrupt change, but as a transition. And the Book of Revelation shows major changes will come before the end. These changes have already started and an increase of ‘badness’ is coming down the pike at a fast speed. Look at all that happened in the last two years! Well, there is more to come. Even though we are in for a rough ride into the future, there will also be evidence of good things on the horizon.

Evil is now on the increase, but after rounding the crest of the hill, evil will dissipate and goodness and love will begin to increase. And from the looks of today’s news reports (from mainstream media, and much more accurately from independent sources), things are not likely to get better soon, so “people need to buckle up and get prepared, because we are on the very cusp of the greatest crisis in the history of the world.”20 During this transition period, many evils will be discovered and their secret activities will be made evident.

We can’t blame God for allowing this to happen; Satan started this mess back in the Garden of Eden. For six thousand years God has instructed us how to live in goodness and treat each other with love, but the vast majority of people have rejected his instruction, so what we got is what we deserved. The problem is, the good have to suffer, too.

All during this time, God has been keeping a score and remembering who has been fighting against evil and trying to live good, clean lives by loving God and loving our neighbor. And those people will be rewarded, as promised. But, those that haven’t will find their payment for services rendered to be a lot different.

As we wake up to the truth of what has been going on for a very long time, we may get angry, but not at God for allowing it, but toward the devil for deceiving us. In that ‘light’, the song chosen for this article is “In God We Trust” by Canadian-born rapper and former wrestler Tom MacDonald, along with Adam Calhoun, Struggle Jennings, and Nova Rockafeller.

What you first see, you might not like, for the artists may not be like what many people associate with Godly personalities (first impressions can be deceiving, too). However, get past that and listen to the words carefully. It took a genius to put this piece together. One listener commented, “I despise rap. But, I listen to damn near everything this guy puts out. Not into tattooed and pierced people, but have a feeling I could put down some commies with these guys and be brothers for life. Makes me ecstatic that this guy and his crew are putting thinking like this into peoples’ minds using a tool I formerly had zero use for . . . .”21

As mentioned above, my country (the United States of America) was established upon Christian principles. This song reacts to the core foundations of this nation, but it should resonate as truth with Christians all around the world. Give this song a serious listen, besides its great message, it demonstrates lovers of God come in all types and from all backgrounds. Selected lyrics are below; a link to the music video is listed in References & Notes.22

The government has always lied, it’s history repeating
But the problem is the schools dumb you down so you believe ’em
If you try to speak the truth inside a Tweet then they delete it
Whole administration are Satanists who claim they praising Jesus

We don’t trust the news, the government, or pharma
We just want freedom that You have died to offer
We don’t want the lies, the politics, or the drama
We just want the life that was promised by our fathers

The man on the news says the problem is me
I’m just a small-town boy with big American dreams
The world’s going crazy and they lying to us
Don’t know who to believe, so in God we trust

Copyright © 2022, Dr. Ray Hermann

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7 thoughts on “Secrets Will Be Revealed: A Bible Study”

  1. I’ve noticed that Nova has an upside down cross on her neck. Do you know anything about that and would that mean she is a satanist?

    I found out about Tom Macdonald and love his music and speaking out the truth in this deceptive world we live in. When I came across her tattoo just made me confused and wonder why she would have that.

    Also do you know if there is really cloning of people and celebrities? I’ve been convinced of it and wonder what you think?


    • Thank you for reading the article and for asking the question about Nova’s upside-down cross in the music video she directed and performed in. I’ll tell you what I know; maybe someone else can add more.

      For most of history, the upside-down cross, with the crosspiece closer to the bottom, was used in crucifying someone positioned with the head downwards. That is called a Petrine Cross or the Cross of St. Peter. A Catholic Church tradition says Peter was crucified in that position at his request, as he felt not worthy to die in the same manner of Christ.

      In more recent times, it has sometimes been misused by satanic groups as a symbol of anti-Christianity. Some say that its anti-Christian popularity increased after being used as such in movies and television programs. Such programs tend to dramatize untruths for the shock value.

      I did not notice that Nova Rockafeller (real name: Nova Leigh Paholek) was wearing such a cross. If so, I doubt she is a satanist.

      About your other question, I have heard rumors of the ultra-rich cloning themselves, so as to have a new body ready when they die. I don’t know if the technology is now at that point or not, but uploading/downloading memories would not include God’s spirit, which he gave to his human creation. Our resurrection through God’s divine plan includes our spirit, too.

    • Thanks for the question. The revealing, to some extent, has been going on for many years; it has been right under our noses, but no one wanted to believe it. Once something becomes noticed, the government and their partners (the mainstream news media) go into action and label it as a conspiracy theory.

      But now, the amount of data is accumulating and increasing at a faster and faster rate. As more people wake up, the information is creeping into the population as common knowledge. As more people become aware of the truth, the faster will all the secrets of the past be evident.

      Some things to keep your eyes and ears open to concern pyramids found around the world, including Alaska and Antarctica. And anti-gravity, and free energy, and the continuing Nazi problems, up to even today. These things are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

      Anyone can check out this kind of information, if they desire to do so. Just stay away from the government controlled social and news outlets. I’m not going to argue these points, for truth is for those who are willing to look for it. There is a mass awakening coming.


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