HALLELUJAH — David & Bathsheba, Samson & Delilah, Music, Sex, and a Kitchen Chair

Yes, that is an odd title, but if you have read some of my stuff, you already know how weird I am. If you haven’t figured out what the title refers to, read on; it will all come together, soon. I have gotten into the habit of listing a song related to my subject matter …

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God’s Second Commandment — and the Four Generations Curse

After the enslaved Israelites were delivered out of Egypt, ten major commands were given by God to Moses upon Mount Sinai. This was part of the contract or covenant between God and his people and it introduced fundamental rules for worship and social ethics. These rules were written upon two tablets of stone called the …

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The Science of Sin — is Evil Inherited?

Science Reveals God’s Majesty Series Some time ago, I tried to explain the concept of inherited sin to someone. I went through the whole spiel, you know, about Adam and Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. I explained that it was at that point in history when sin (a rebellious nature or …

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