The Magi (Three Kings) – a Difference Between Truth and Tradition

The story of the Magi (also called the Three Wise Men or Three Kings) can be found in The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, chapter 2, verses 1–12. These important travelers were searching for Jesus, and they carried gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to present to him. The Magi are part of traditional nativity …

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Drugs & Medicines in the Bible: Are they Related to Witchcraft & Sorcery? — and What about Those Miracles?

Unless you know what to look for, medicinal and recreational drug use in the Bible isn’t always evident, because they didn’t speak about drugs as we do today. They used plants and minerals for treatment and healing of ailments and pain, or to produce certain mental effects such as mood relaxers and hallucinogens. Since many …

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