Premarital Sexual Activity & the Bible: How Far Can You Go?

I have received many varied questions about romantic and premarital sexual activity in the past. What is biblically allowed? How far can we go? If a single man and a single woman are in love, what are they allowed to do, and what must they not do? The Church (especially the Roman Catholic Church) has …

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Biocommunication & Prayer: Science Reveals God’s Majesty

Most people believe science and religion don’t mix, but I’ve always believed that God set up this universe with specific physical laws to lay out the reality we live in, and part of our purpose is to learn these laws and use them to benefit humankind. Sometime back, I wrote a rather lengthy discourse about …

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Dr. Jehovah

My oldest daughter asked me, not long ago, if I thought God was a scientist. Most people believe science and religion don’t mix, so being a believer of our Creator, she probably had a recent religious discussion with a work mate. That usually is the background event leading up to asking dad for his opinion. …

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