Why Should Christians Stop Cussing?

“I don’t cuss!” The word ‘cuss’, of course, is a synonym for curse; you know, when someone communicates, either by speech or writing, using profane language. Although profanity was once considered offensive, today most people accept it is normal. But, if no longer offensive, there sure are many descriptive words and terms which mean the …

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Sin, DNA, and Our Intelligent Heart

Science Reveals God’s Majesty Series Continuing with my Science Reveals God’s Majesty series, I present this revised extract from a previous lengthy article on things science has discovered about God’s great creations. In this essay, we discover some awesome facts about the human heart as well as our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).1 The Bible tells us …

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Dr. Jehovah

My oldest daughter asked me, not long ago, if I thought God was a scientist. Most people believe science and religion don’t mix, so being a believer of our Creator, she probably had a recent religious discussion with a work mate. That usually is the background event leading up to asking dad for his opinion. …

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