Premarital Sexual Activity & the Bible: How Far Can You Go?

I have received many varied questions about romantic and premarital sexual activity in the past. What is biblically allowed? How far can we go? If a single man and a single woman are in love, what are they allowed to do, and what must they not do? The Church (especially the Roman Catholic Church) has …

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Satan’s Strategies of Attack — How to Protect Yourself

When we come face-to-face with a moral decision, we sometimes make the wrong judgement call and compound a problem, rather than solve it. Many then just chalk it up to human nature and move on. Others, however, will feel some guilt, at least for a while. If you include yourself in this latter group (guilt), …

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The Science of Sin — is Evil Inherited?

Science Reveals God’s Majesty Series Some time ago, I tried to explain the concept of inherited sin to someone. I went through the whole spiel, you know, about Adam and Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. I explained that it was at that point in history when sin (a rebellious nature or …

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