I don’t like America anymore – a Christian’s perspective.

The world knows that there are two continents of the Americas, North America with several countries (including the United States), and South America with several countries, also. Many people around the world sometimes get confused (or angry) when United States (U.S.) citizens refer to themselves as Americans, as it seems they are shutting out the …

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Coming: An Awakening to a New Reality

Many of my articles address the fact that evil currently rules our world. Evil people with evil thoughts are using evil ways to convert God’s property into an evil planet for evil purposes. This injustice has been around since long before the event in the Garden of Eden that caused humankind’s path to drift away …

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Secrets Will Be Revealed: A Bible Study

Evil is very evident in everyday life, and even more so to the Christian, because God explains it in Holy Scripture. He tells us how it came about, what it does to society, the steps needed to help eliminate it from our lives, and how it will, one day, be forcibly eradicated from the entire …

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