Jude — Was he writing about the churches today?

The Epistle of Jude is not a very popular subject in Bible studies. It is often neglected in biblical analysis for a few reasons. First, it is rather short in length having only twenty-five verses, and therefore it is easily overlooked. Second, many feel it is about intolerance, rather than being inclusive and so, not …

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Who is Satan and How Do You Fight Him?

During ancient times, many people, thought that a belief in Satan was only superstition, and even today many think of Satan only as a figure of speech or an imaginary figment of the imagination to blame when things go wrong or when we find ourselves involved in some unethical behavior. But Jesus Christ knew the …

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When the sons of God were having sexual relations with the daughters of humankind — the story of the Nephilim

All of the pastors that I’ve ever heard giving a sermon on Genesis chapter 6, started with Genesis 6:5. When I asked why they skipped the first four verses, I usually got one of three answers: (1) “they aren’t important to the story,” (2) “they are too complicated for the congregation to understand,” or (3) …

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