What Do You Think About the New Happy Church?

I’ve been thinking about an article I recently read of how Christian churches are bending over backward to make their services happy events. By “happy events” I mean making sure their service makes you comfortable, making sure they never offend you, making sure they give the appearance of projecting their love into the congregation.

It is true, some so-called “modern” churches present more of a public relations ploy, instead of presenting a culture of teaching and preaching about God and Jesus Christ. To make sure visitors are not uncomfortable, they have bands that play exciting music, and present sermons that make the audience feel good instead of preaching the importance of redemption. The modern church says it is okay to be gay, it is okay to be transgendered, it is okay for this and okay for that, even though the Holy Bible tells a different story.

The post, on the website CharismaNews,1 cited that they are, basically, removing the church’s anointing power. As the article stated, “The happy church will entertain you. They say they exist to give people hope. They have fun programs for all your children. All their music and songs will make you feel special and soothe your guilt-ridden emotions. And they’ll do whatever they can to keep you coming back for more.”

As the world is slowly (or maybe not so slowly) becoming more under the influence of Satan, these churches are inviting you to a party, instead of teaching you how to get through the chaotic storm of the coming End of Days. They are more interested in keeping you happy today, than instructing you on how to save your life tomorrow.

This isn’t a new trend, by far, but it is increasing at a faster rate than ever before. Tell us what YOU think about this trend. Do you think it is just fine and a good method of attracting more church members in a changing world? Do you think it is a method Satan uses to invade the Church and turn people away from God? Or maybe you have a completely different opinion. Whatever it is, leave your comment and share your thoughts.

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References & Notes

1. Farias, Bert M., “Is Your Church Flirting With Delilah?” (The Flaming Herald, CharismaNews.com, 1 June 2018), https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/the-flaming-herald/71394-is-your-church-flirting-with-delilah


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2 thoughts on “What Do You Think About the New Happy Church?”

  1. Growing up in a Baptist family, my dad was a Deacon in the church and also taught a Bible class. Every Sunday I had to attend two services that day and on Wednesday nights we had prayer meetings. Thursday was called “Visitation Night” and my dad and I would knock on houses of people we did not know and ask to speak with them about coming to our church.
    There were many other events throughout each year, sponsored by our church, such as various types of revivals, vacation Bible school, hayrides, picnics, fellowship meetings, banquets, new membership drives, etc. and the list goes on.
    The message never did change only the event.
    Times have been changing and I believe two industries have changed our lifestyles more than anything else, and that is air conditioning and the electronic craze.
    The benefits we now enjoy have helped us become lazy and lackadaisical. Churches must indeed work even harder to keep their members while seeking new ones.
    I still don’t know why changes in music preference has always occurred throughout generations but I do like Christian Rock which seems to be in competition with present day Rap and HipHop.

    • Thanks for the comment, it is appreciated. I never thought about air conditioning being a factor, but it makes sense. Of course, those who weren’t born back in the days before air conditioning won’t understand what great difference it made in our lives.


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