Do you regret getting that Covid vaccination? – The Last Days are here, Part 2

Nearly a year and a half ago, I wrote about how fast things in the world are changing and that each day seems to be worse than the previous one. “Where is this world headed?” I rhetorically asked. The quarantine and social distancing, brought about by the current viral pandemic, had become not a protection, …

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Christ’s Return Prophecies — the Signs of the End of this Age in Matthew 24

We hear some talk about how the current time may be the end of the age — that promised time when Jesus will return, as he prophesied. Through all the years, since Jesus’ walked on earth, each generation of Christians believed he would soon return, maybe even during their own lifetime. Obviously, they were all …

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Hurricanes: A Lesson In Life

Living in the northwest corner of the continental United States near the Canadian border, I am now blessed with living in a very mild climate. Even the rain is light and mild; sometimes a whole year will pass without experiencing a single thunder storm. But, I was born in New Orleans and lived my first …

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