‘If I touch even his garments, I will be made well’ — The Faith of that Woman with an Issue of Blood

Evidence of faithful people is infused within the Holy Bible — throughout both the Hebrew and the Christian scriptures. But how do we describe ‘faith’? What, exactly, is it? There are many definitions of what is ‘faith’. An online encyclopedia states it is simply a belief without evidence, such as a trust in a person, …

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Peace of Mind in this Chaotic World — a Biblical Perspective

At the request of my son and his wife, I have been writing a book about my life. I don’t believe my life has been in anyway exciting enough to justify a book, but this is not for the general public, for it will only be privately published for members of my family that would …

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Hurricanes: A Lesson In Life

Living in the northwest corner of the continental United States near the Canadian border, I am now blessed with living in a very mild climate. Even the rain is light and mild; sometimes a whole year will pass without experiencing a single thunder storm. But, I was born in New Orleans and lived my first …

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