John 1:1 – Does this Bible verse prove Jesus is God?

The most common doctrine taught in Christian churches, about the relationship between God and Jesus, is that they are one and the same. Both, along with the Holy Spirit, are considered a single “Godhead.” This three-in-one approach to Jesus’ identity is really just a theory – a dogmatic point of view that did not exist …

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Can you be a Christian and Not Believe in the Trinity?

I want to talk about God and Jesus and their relationship, but I don’t want to argue about it, for arguments have been going on for a couple thousand years. I do, however, wish to present some evidence to give you something different to think about, because while most large modern denominations claim God is …

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What do you mean, Christ died for our sins?

When the question is asked about why did Jesus need to die, it is usually answered, “He died for our sins.” Few people ask for further explanation, but when some do they get such answers as: “So that we could be forgiven,” or “He gave his life for ours.” While those answers may be correct, …

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