Positive Thinking in a World Going Crazy

Our thoughts contribute to how our body handles disease. “Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and fear all have widespread and well-documented physiological effects which can affect essential aspects of our biochemistry, from hormone production, to our perception of pain.”1 Negative attitudes may actually determine if we are to become infected in an epidemic or if some …

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In the News: More Chinese Persecution of Christians

Chinese officials snatched about 100 worshipers of the Early Rain Covenant Church in districts of Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan. The activity was to close down one of the country’s prominent Protestant “house churches.” The coordinated raids began on the evening of 9 December 2018 according to South China Morning Post.1 U. S. China …

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In the News: Christians in China are Facing Persecution

Here we go again! Recently I explained how Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia were being persecuted,1 and now we hear that Christians in general are being persecuted in China. This information comes from an article in The Christian Journal, which stated that on 17 July 2018 authorities demolished another Christian Church because they wanted the land …

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