Abram’s Sister-Wife: How Sarai Become Part of Pharaoh’s Harem

There is a situation in Genesis, when God’s selected righteous person appears to lie, which caused his wife to suffer a rather awkward dilemma. Abram (his name is later changed to Abraham) says to his wife, Sarai, “I know that you are a woman beautiful in appearance, and when the Egyptians see you, they will …

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Abraham’s Son Ishmael: the Arab People and Islam

The patriarch of the three Abrahamic religions is the prophet Abraham, from which Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all claim a shared ancestry. This story about him begins in Mesopotamia at the beginning of the Middle Bronze Age (c. 1900 BC), when Abram (Abraham’s name before God changed it) was called by God to become the …

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My Knights Templar Sword: A Story from Abraham to Muslims, the Crusades, and Pirates

I have a couple of full-sized medieval battle swords hanging on my living room wall. I’m told that they are museum replicas and both have a religious connection. Normally I would have put them in my office, but they are rather large (long) and there was not enough room to hang them there. I have …

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