Did Evil Win in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election? — Did God Hear Our Prayers?

In the United States of America we currently have a two-party political system. Right now, 75 percent of Republicans (conservative) and 30 percent of Democrats (liberal) feel that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. No matter what errors, lawbreaking, or trickery will eventually surface, it will still take some serious change to restore faith in our election system “to ensure that Americans can feel confident in our elections regardless of the results.”1

Investigative evidence shows the conservative candidate not only received votes from the majority of the white electorate, but won the highest share of non-white voters of any Republican presidential candidate since 1960. That non-white group includes African Americans, Asians, and Latinos.2

You may ask, “What evidence do you have that the election was fraudulent or stolen?” Well, there is a bunch! Not only are there thousands of felony criminal counts for submitting illegal voter registration applications, counting one party’s ballots multiple times, manually and electronically switching votes from one party to another, and shredding one party’s ballots before counting them, but also of various state governments counting more ballots than there are actual citizens.3

There are certified witness affidavits, proof of electronic data switching and video recording of illegal vote counting, besides other photographic and physical evidence. Eighty-one lawsuits were filed, but not one federal judge allowed them to be examined and the U. S. Supreme Court refused to accept or review the massive evidence.4 This article is not going analyze this atrocity of trust, but we will address people’s frustration. I was one of those that came out on the short end of the stick.5

If you want the fraudulent details, they aren’t hard to find. There are literally hundreds of articles about this last election and the disappointment of our citizens, and plenty of videos and photographs documenting the crimes, too. If you want to dig, use a secure browser, because the most popular search organizations are filtering out such requests. Don’t use Google; choose a private one like DuckDuckGo or StartPage (there are others) and you won’t be filtered or tracked. That is a good practice for any search on the internet.

Here in America, many citizens don’t even realize all this was going on, because of such massive liberal control of news organizations and social media sites. It is a situation of having eyes, but not seeing or having ears but not hearing. They just don’t understand they are living inside a box controlled by others. If you have ever seen the science fiction movie The Matrix,6 you know what I am talking about.

Our country’s founders tried to foresee all possible problems in our new nation and address them in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as other laws, including some voter difficulties that happened in this past election. Our laws even provided an avenue to approach any battle with our electoral college7 voting system by having a way to force debate before acceptance of problematic ballots.

Even after the chaos in this past election, our constitutional system of law provided hope until the Vice President of the United States refused to allow a debate about the fraudulently certified ballots, despite the overwhelming and mounting evidence of wrongdoing. That is when I felt like my feet were knocked out from under me. I was under the impression that he was a righteous man working side-by-side with our president to bring justice to the citizens of our country. Was this assessment incorrect? The passage of time will tell, I guess. Regardless, the majority of our citizens lost their chance for a fair hearing because of his inaction.

The United States is supposed to be a constitutional republic governed by law — at least that is the way our country was established. It was founded under Judeo-Christian biblical principals of morality and ethics, but it appears not that way anymore. (For more about this Judeo-Christian relationship, see the article “Judeo-Christian vs. Messianic Jew” listed in References & Notes8).

Now, over night, we have the largest part of our population wondering how they can ever trust our elections again. Evidence indicates there was massive fraud, on a scale never seen before. People are starting to believe that America has reached a dangerous point, if the people on both sides can no longer trust elections. If one political party has already determined it will no longer play by the rules and is determined to win at any cost (and does so), what does that mean to moral and ethical voters?9

This is a worldwide problem.

This corruption isn’t exclusive to the United States, it is going on in every country in the world — all righteous people are being deceived. Our earthly journey has turned more toward darkness, by falling off God’s pathway secured by moral principles. There is an article about this dark side titled “Ephesians 6:12: Satan, Fallen Angels, & Demons — the Real Enemies of Our Faith” which is listed in References & Notes.10

Generally, I don’t take political sides on current issues, for I do not want to distract from my job of teaching God’s word. I feel people can see which way I lean, if they want, by reading my articles. I do my best to live by God’s rules and regulations. But I feel there is a biblical lesson here, so let’s see what we can learn.

I did not prophesy about our President’s reelection, because I am not a prophet, but I did have hope for a righteous outcome. I am not psychic either. I am just me — a student of the Bible. If anything, I consider myself only a watcher, like many others. I watch for signs in the world and try to understand them through a biblical perspective. If needed, I announce what I see (Ezekiel 33:3). I observe those who are wrongly dividing the word of God (Romans 16:17) and, along the way, I neither profit from teaching, nor corrupt God’s word (2 Corinthians 2:17).

But there are some that had prophesied that it was God who predicted a certain person to win. Many Evangelicals said they actually heard from God himself, saying that President Donald Trump would be reelected. “The rocks are about to move and Trump will be president no matter what you hear,” said one Evangelical pastor.11 Well, I certainly didn’t hear from God on this topic, although I agree that the conservative candidate actually won, but he did not continue as our President.

And there were ungodly people, so-called government whistle blowers, that prophesied of Trump’s win, too. But, can anyone believe ex-members (some anti-Christian) of government alphabet agencies speaking on God’s behalf? Most Christians, however, prayed for Trump’s reelection, as I did. Did God even listen to us? Again, yes, because Trump won, but Satan used his own resources to deny, then cover up, the truthful outcome.

The question should really be, “Why did God allow Trump to win the election, but allow Satan to win the battle?” Hopefully, that answer will appear in the not too distant future. We should continue to have faith in God and his Son, Jesus Christ. Personally, I doubt that Trump has given up his fight to restore our nation to the greatness it once had and there are probably future surprises in store for us. Even so, at this time, the fraud has many people questioning if voting even matters any more. And worse, yet, does God actually listen to our prayers.

Does it even matter if we pray?
Doesn’t God already know what we need?

“O LORD, you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from far away. You search out my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways. Even before a word is on my tongue, O LORD, you know it completely. You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is so high that I cannot attain it” (Psalm 139:1-6, NRSV).12

That is one of the most beautiful psalms, as it projects the fact that God knows everything. God foreknows the way and he foreknows the outcome, but that does not mean he is responsible for what happens. (For a study on this subject, see “Foreknowledge, Predestination, and Free Will – Did God Know Humans Would Fail?” listed in References & Notes.13) But some people ask, “If God is all-powerful and all-knowing and therefore knows all our thoughts and needs, why even bother to pray?” Well, there are several reasons.

It is not God’s job to just give us things. He doesn’t owe us anything; in fact, it is the other way around. He created us and the world in which we live; he owns us and we owe him for our very existence. He expects us to develop a spiritual relationship with him by sharing what is in our hearts and minds and become more like him. Like any parent, he wants to hear from us and prayer will help us achieve a closer relationship.

After creating the earth and humankind, “God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good,” (Genesis 1:31a), and then he rested (Genesis 2:3). Notice God did not say he had finished the project. We are now in this final finishing process of being fine-tuned and brought up to heavenly standards. And like all manufacturing processes, there will be some product rejections that don’t quite make it to the finished state. And we know what happens to the unsalvageable.

Many believe that prayer and meditation to God are nothing more than the weak and unintelligent population relying upon false assumptions and myths, but physical science incorporating spiritual experiments are proving them wrong. Much of this investigative work is being done in a research field called biocommunication and proves that pseudoscience can become real science. Being able to communicate spiritually will be a necessary skill in our new world to come. For an interesting, although weird, article on this paranormal field, see “Biocommunication & Prayer: Science Reveals God’s Majesty” listed in References & Notes at the end of this study.14

Although God may sometimes seem to be slumbering and inattentive to our condition, he really is appealing to us earnestly to experience the benefits of prayer. “Even David, in [theologian John] Calvin’s opinion, expresses at times intemperance in his cries to God. The lesson to be learned is that in the midst of trial the saints often utter prayers which are not entirely consonant with the Word of God.”15

Calvin’s insights into prayer make valuable points. “He believed that prayer is not so much for God’s benefit, but rather for our own.” Praying helps us to better understand his character and reminds us of our frailties, weaknesses, and needs. So, prayer is no waste of time.16

Doesn’t God say something about a national blessing?

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

The direct context of this verse is related to God’s answer to Solomon’s prayer. “It refers to times when the Israelites have become faithless to God and are enduring the consequences, whether it was a famine, an invasion, or even the deportation to another country.” It was, at the time, specific to prayer in the temple,17 for then it was the only temple among all nations in which the true God was worshiped.18

One biblical commentator called verse 7:14 the golden text of the entire book of 2 Chronicles. “Though originally addressed to the chosen nation of Israel, it has rightly been applied to those nations which have a biblical heritage. It is the sure road to restoration and revival for all times. If the conditions are met, the promises are sure of fulfillment.”19

Another commentator said, “This great verse, the best known in all Chronicles, expresses as does no other in Scripture, God’s requirement for national blessing, whether in Solomon’s land, in Ezra’s, or in our own. Those who believe must forsake their sins, turn from the life that is centered in self, and yield to God’s word and will. Then, and only then, will heaven send revival.”20

For a Christian, it was reasonable to believe the winner of the U.S. Presidential election would be someone who believed in the Judeo-Christian values of our founding fathers, and not someone expressing the un-Christian agenda of the dark side. But remember, our attitude was correct and our man did win; the dark side manipulated the system and illegally stole the election.

God hears our prayers and he forgives our sins if we turn to him; that is assured. But forgiveness for decades, or more, of un-Godly actions within our government does not cancel the consequences of those actions (or inactions).

We sincerely prayed and he answered us by allowing our President to win reelection, but that didn’t cancel all the consequences accumulated during many years of straying off the righteous path. We (citizens and government) had an obligation to keep America on the ‘straight and narrow’ path of Judeo-Christian morality and ethics, and we let it slide, bit-by-bit. To undo these consequences takes a little longer than one election cycle; it is not a quick fix.

Let us keep in mind that our own reasoning, although possessing the proper attitude, is not in anyway near the far deeper reasoning of God. Jesus said, “Have faith in God” (Mark 11:21), so let’s do that.

Maybe the current outcome is a test for all of us — to those on the right side (good) as well as those on the wrong side (evil). Any borderline Christians will fall one way or another. Another thing Jesus said was that there will be a judgement of the nations, separating the sheep (good) from the goats (bad). Read Matthew 25:31-46 to understand what he said and what he meant. Maybe this past election was part of that process.

Some ask if God has abandoned his people; hidden his face, so to speak. The Bible speaks much about this prospect, but one scripture reference comes to mind at this time. In Micah it says: “Then they will cry to the LORD, but he will not answer them; he will hide his face from them at that time, because they have acted wickedly” (Micah 3:4). But I do not believe this is the case concerning our recent election. After all, Trump did win — it is just that he was not allowed to receive the prize he won.

In another situation, under Satan’s attack, the servant Job asks, “Why do you hide your face, and count me as your enemy?” (Job 13:24). In this case, Job doesn’t understand the necessity of his suffering, although today we can understand that it may have been to test his character, to prove his righteousness, to inspire perseverance through trials, etc., or to prove a point to Satan.


The music for this study comes from the Gaither Vocal Band, which includes a gathering of many well-known Southern Gospel artists. This live performance is of the song ‘I Know He Heard My Prayer’. Selected lyrics are below and the music video is listed in References and Notes.21

The enemy had said to me,
That my faith in God was dead
And if the way was rough, He did not care.

Thank God it is not true,
He thrills me through and through
I know He heard my prayer.

Copyright © 2020, Dr. Ray Hermann

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  1. Of course, God heard MANY prayers. He CAST OUT the EVIL ONE! Perhaps, “outlaw” parson you should stick to bible “scholarship” and not mix YOUR religion with politics. Isn’t that what you criticized evangelical churches who have become bastions of politics and abandoned the worship of God? Billy Graham learned, the hard way, to leave politics to the politicians; unfortunately, his son Franklin has not learned that lesson.


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