Tamar had Sex with Her Father-In-Law: Levirate Marriage Gone Wrong — Genesis 38

The Holy Bible is a book about God, and about the history of humankind and their redemption from sin. Within that context, there is much within the biblical record about the subject of marriage. Sexually, marriage was created and emphasized as a monogamous arrangement between male and female (Genesis 2:21-24), both physically and mentally (Matthew …

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“Those worthy of being raised from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage.” — What did Jesus mean?

A study of Luke 20:27-40 A widowed acquaintance asked me recently, “If I get remarried, who will I be with after the resurrection?” She meant, was she to join her first husband, or the newer husband in the ‘afterlife’. Unlike Jesus, I could not come up with a fast, simple, and concise answer, but began …

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