How do Christians Receive Salvation from Sin?

Many authors, including myself, believe that God has dealt with humankind differently through several dispensations or ages. These progressive ages are historical time periods in which God dispensed various methods of social organization and management to his people. The ages were not separate ways of salvation, but ways in which humans are reconciled to God …

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Is Your Church Teaching Christian Values?

I have become disappointed with Christian churches over the last few decades, and that frustration continues to grow. Many of our churches are becoming less and less Christian as our world changes. Since our religious institutions are changing to keep up with social trends and lifestyle differences, they are moving away from being truly Christian. …

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A Study in John 3 — and that Snake on a Pole Thing

Nicodemus, a Pharisee and prominent member of the Sanhedrin, came one night to visit Jesus and discuss his new religious doctrine. Now, a Pharisee was a member of a Jewish sect noted for strict observance of the rites and ceremonies of the written law — that of the law of Moses as well as Jewish …

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