What do you think about the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The world is about to change and the coming new age will be very different from the one in which we are now living. I recently viewed an interesting YouTube video titled “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming” (by Aaron and Melissa Dykes) about new technological changes coming our way called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.1

The steam engine, along with the iron and textile industries, were key developments in the First Industrial Revolution. The telephone, light bulb, and internal combustion engine were products of the Second Industrial Revolution. We are now living in the Third Industrial Revolution with its computers and advancements in digital information and communications technology.

Very soon we will be entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will build on our present digital technology to span breakthroughs in robotics, artificial intelligence, nano-technology, quantum computing, biotechnology, 3-D printing, and autonomous vehicles. It will present us with “The Internet of Things,” including all types of “smart devices” which change our lives with artificial intelligence to a level not thought of just a few decades ago.2

Tell us what you think.

(1) Is this technology just the tools of Satan to entrap us all? (2) Is this coming technology advancing to give us the tools to use on earth during Christ’s reign, after Satan’s influence is removed? (3) Is it just a normal, and ongoing, evolution of human intelligence to make our life easier? (4) Or, maybe you have a completely different idea on the coming of this new age. Let us know about your opinion.

Something to think about, right? Please give your comment below.

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1. Dykes, Aaron and Melissa, “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming,” (Truth Stream Media, TruthstreamMedia.com, 30 October 2017), https://youtu.be/5tn4P7IBqoQ (VIDEO)

2. “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” (Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 16 October 2017), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Industrial_Revolution


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8 thoughts on “What do you think about the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”

  1. This 4IR is purely an evil move of the devil to trap Christians. I mean that, with this tech advancement, nanochip technology would be highjacked by the devil in placing the ID mark of the beast. And if God doesnt stop this, it means, Jesus is coming soon

  2. AI is demonic and the beast system is almost here. Watson was an employee of IBM awarded a special SS metal of honor by Hitler himself as IBM leased the Nazis a system for tracking Jews. Interesting that IBM chose Watson as the name of its AI. They have eyes but they do not see and ears but they do not hear. If God doesn’t answer your prayers or talk to you then you don’t have a relationship with him. Pick up a Bible, repent and pray…God wants to have a relationship but that requires us to do our part. Don’t be of the world or you’ll never understand!

    • Thank you for reading this post and taking the time to express your thoughts on this subject. Artificial Intelligence is now being used in churches and will continue at increasing rates. There are serious thoughts of a coming Christian form of Transhumanism. So, sad! No matter how good a technology is, Satan will use it to separate us from God. You are right when you stated that a very real God wants a very real relationship with us—but we have to do our part.

  3. AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be drawing a lot of interest in almost everything I’ve been reading and hearing about lately. I thought IBM’s Watson was leading the pack, but find that a lot of this coding is open source (available to everyone and anyone) and I’m wondering if this could be compared to opening a can of worms or opening Pandora’s box.

    Right now, there are no laws or restrictions addressing how to or not to use this new technology and AI is already showing up almost everywhere, from Disney using it to enhance their cartoons, major companies are using it to do their new marketing, and business decisions.

    AI can now help banking with fraud detection, credit and risk analysis and the health industry embraces it in their biomedical imaging and health monitors to improve response times in patient care. The list goes on, including its use in making new porno films while people like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are warning us how dangerous this could be.

    To program this AI (Deep Learning) many companies are trying things like having their AI review thousands of movies, etc. Laws and restrictions will have no bearing on “bad guys” using it for whatever they want, so this makes our future very scary. This would not only be horrible but very stupid because a lot of good could find a way into our lives as we are starting to see in our present lifetime.

    Only two ways of controlling the outcome of this technology if it became bad would be to use the same AI technology (using good deep learning techniques) or the return of Jesus. God bless us and whatever our future holds.

    • Thank you for your comment. My thoughts are similar to yours about opening Pandora’s Box. Although this technology will benefit many, humankind is imperfect and some uses will benefit only the rich that can afford it, the corporations that provide it, and the government that will police it. Until Christ returns, I imagine a dark future when some of the new technologies will be used to control the people, not bless them.

      Concerning artificial intelligence (AI), it brings to mind the 1968 movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” and how the HAL 9000 sentient computer took over the space craft operations and killed a crew member. Maybe that was a prediction from 50 years ago!


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