Abortion and Sacrificing Children to Moloch: A Bible Study

In the Bible, there is a basic difference between ‘kill’ and ‘murder’ and God’s Sixth Commandment specifically mentions murder, which distinguishes it as different from death by accident, war, or justifiable homicide. The Hebrew word that is sometimes translated as ‘kill’ is râtsach, but in reality it means especially to ‘murder’1 and, in fact, most …

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When & How Do People Get Their Souls?

Most Christians believe in something called a human soul that survives death. The questions of when and how a person obtains that soul, whatever it is, have been discussed and debated throughout Christian history. It is no different today, especially for those who are trying to determine abortion law. Although atheists don’t believe in God, …

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Exodus 21:22-25, Pro-choice or Pro-life – Is a Fetus Valued Less Than a Person?

Our country, like many others, is divided over the issue of abortion. You may be pregnant and thinking of getting one, or you may know someone who is, and you want to know what God thinks about this avenue to problem solving. Many people will try to decide this problem for you, but they all …

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